Friday, January 27, 2012


Hi All,
I had a play date with my friend, Warren (Wa Wa is to the left). He is my mom's best friend's baby and I guess because they are friends, we are supposed to be to. When he was really little, we didn't have much in common. He didn't do too much more than eat, sleep, and poop. But now.... I have to admit that I had a lot of fun with him.

Warren is smiling and interacting now. He sat in my old excersaucer and bounced, showed us all how he could sit up, and giggled when his mom tickled him. His hair is really soft, so I liked to pat him (gently of course). I gave him huggies and kisses. I really wanted to hold him, but Auntie D said not yet.

I guess my point is that although our moms keep forcing us together, I think it is going to work out. I can see us being best friends, playing in the yard and pool together, getting into trouble, and learning new things. Although he is still pretty little, I predict that this summer will be great fun for the both of us.

Keep loving life,
Little J

Monday, January 23, 2012


Dear Fans,
I have been unable to write as of late because of my mother. She has been in a whirlwind of activity and I have not been able to sneak out of my crib. She has been grading papers, doing housework, and staying up late. Not conducive to my late-night secret blogging, but here I am.

A lot has happened since I last wrote. Tonight, while trying to Skype with Nana, I pooped in the bathtub and Mama had to clean it all up. I know she loves me, but I am pretty sure that pushed her buttons. Daddy whisked me away and got me ready for bed while she scrubbed the tub. I'm pretty sure that Daddy just wanted the more glorious task of taking care of me as opposed to cleaning the tub.

Sunday I went to Auntie Jen and Auntie Keri's house to watch football. The Patriots were playing and in the spirit of the game, I put on a pink Patriots jersey. It was all they had, but I was secretly thinking that it would look great with my favorite pink diaper. Don't tell anyone. Mama and Daddy wanted to take a picture of me to post, but they couldn't find their iPods... I swear I had nothing to do with it. I had a lot of fun walking back and forth during the game, playing with the dog, and hiding under the table with Renee (I think Steve was jealous).

Keep loving life.
Little J

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Story Time

Phew! I wasn't sure I could get to Mom's computer tonight. I was pretty tired and was sleeping pretty soundly when they came in to check on me. Luckily I rolled over on top of my Glo Worm and that woke me up (Thanks Go Go!).

You all are not even going to believe what happened tonight. My little brain is still processing it. Everything was going along normally, I helped Mama "ook", we ate dinner, I rubbed spaghetti sauce in my hair, and had a bath.

It was time to settle down and read a book with Mama and Daddy. Daddy sat in the rocking chair and Mama sat on the floor. They told me to pick out a book. I chose a rather exciting board book called Go Dog, Go! and walked over to Mama's lap for her to read it to me. Daddy got a little upset because I chose her.

When we finished that book, we had time for another one, so I selected Red Train. Daddy and Mama were both trying to get me to declare a favorite by having them read it to me. Instead of choosing, I sat down right between the both of them and tried to read the book myself!

Every time I turned a page, Mama and Daddy raced to see who could read it first. It was obnoxious! I think Daddy read more of it than Mama. I wish no one had read it! I'm just a little boy wanting to enjoy a relaxing story before bed. Let a kid be!

I have to go! I think Mama is going to check on me again!

Hugs and kisses,
Little J

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Tin Man

To my fan club,

I got into a bit of mischief today. I was in the kitchen, helping Mama cook (or as I like to say, "ook" - I think it sounds more sophisticated like that) when I found the drawer that contains tin foil, Saran wrap, and plastic bags. I "borrowed" the Saran wrap, but Mama promptly took it away. Something about sharp edges or something. While she was busy stirring the chili, I nabbed the tin foil and quickly unrolled a 8 foot sheet of the metallic stuff. It was great fun to crinkle and play with. Mama did not look very happy when she realized what I had done, but I think I detected a hint of astonishment in her face - she was impressed with my speed.

Since the foil was already wasted, when Daddy got home, he helped me put it to good use. He made the hat I am wearing in the first picture, a set of jewelry for Mama, and a hands-free ear piece for himself. He tried to wrap me in it like a tin mummy, but I wasn't feeling it.

In other news, I helped Mama "ook" vegan cornbread tonight. I did all the stirring and there were only a few lumps. I had a big fit when she wouldn't let me put the mixture into the oven though (safety, my tush!) and I threw myself on the floor and kicked the pantry doors. I think she got the point. We were able to move on and enjoy the rest of our evening.

Little J

Monday, January 16, 2012

All About Me

To my adoring fans,

Since my mother is so very bad at updating my pictures and information, I have decided to take matters into my own hands. I have hacked into Mama's blogger account and started my own online journal. I am much more talented than she gives me credit for.

That's me on the right. Cute, huh? That was my Halloween costume. My mom has hung up that costume in my closet like it is just another outfit to wear every day. Silly mom, I only dress up as a firefighter. And even then, it is only to help sweep the floor.

Today I had both Mama and Daddy at home. It was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I have no idea what that means, but I had a pretty good day. This morning they both had dentist appointments, so Abby came over to babysit me. I love Abby. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, her name is the first one I say.

Although my morning went well, my afternoon was not good. I fell down a lot and I spent a lot of time crying. No one could make me feel better. Mama kept saying that I seemed like I was tired. Can't a guy just have a bad day?

I better sneak back into my crib. Mama and Daddy like to check on me before they go to bed. Sometimes I have to pretend I'm sleeping so they don't know that I'm really a night owl. They like to stare at me while I sleep, so sometimes I have to pretend for a long time.

Much love,
Little J