Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Tin Man

To my fan club,

I got into a bit of mischief today. I was in the kitchen, helping Mama cook (or as I like to say, "ook" - I think it sounds more sophisticated like that) when I found the drawer that contains tin foil, Saran wrap, and plastic bags. I "borrowed" the Saran wrap, but Mama promptly took it away. Something about sharp edges or something. While she was busy stirring the chili, I nabbed the tin foil and quickly unrolled a 8 foot sheet of the metallic stuff. It was great fun to crinkle and play with. Mama did not look very happy when she realized what I had done, but I think I detected a hint of astonishment in her face - she was impressed with my speed.

Since the foil was already wasted, when Daddy got home, he helped me put it to good use. He made the hat I am wearing in the first picture, a set of jewelry for Mama, and a hands-free ear piece for himself. He tried to wrap me in it like a tin mummy, but I wasn't feeling it.

In other news, I helped Mama "ook" vegan cornbread tonight. I did all the stirring and there were only a few lumps. I had a big fit when she wouldn't let me put the mixture into the oven though (safety, my tush!) and I threw myself on the floor and kicked the pantry doors. I think she got the point. We were able to move on and enjoy the rest of our evening.

Little J

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