Friday, January 27, 2012


Hi All,
I had a play date with my friend, Warren (Wa Wa is to the left). He is my mom's best friend's baby and I guess because they are friends, we are supposed to be to. When he was really little, we didn't have much in common. He didn't do too much more than eat, sleep, and poop. But now.... I have to admit that I had a lot of fun with him.

Warren is smiling and interacting now. He sat in my old excersaucer and bounced, showed us all how he could sit up, and giggled when his mom tickled him. His hair is really soft, so I liked to pat him (gently of course). I gave him huggies and kisses. I really wanted to hold him, but Auntie D said not yet.

I guess my point is that although our moms keep forcing us together, I think it is going to work out. I can see us being best friends, playing in the yard and pool together, getting into trouble, and learning new things. Although he is still pretty little, I predict that this summer will be great fun for the both of us.

Keep loving life,
Little J

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