Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Story Time

Phew! I wasn't sure I could get to Mom's computer tonight. I was pretty tired and was sleeping pretty soundly when they came in to check on me. Luckily I rolled over on top of my Glo Worm and that woke me up (Thanks Go Go!).

You all are not even going to believe what happened tonight. My little brain is still processing it. Everything was going along normally, I helped Mama "ook", we ate dinner, I rubbed spaghetti sauce in my hair, and had a bath.

It was time to settle down and read a book with Mama and Daddy. Daddy sat in the rocking chair and Mama sat on the floor. They told me to pick out a book. I chose a rather exciting board book called Go Dog, Go! and walked over to Mama's lap for her to read it to me. Daddy got a little upset because I chose her.

When we finished that book, we had time for another one, so I selected Red Train. Daddy and Mama were both trying to get me to declare a favorite by having them read it to me. Instead of choosing, I sat down right between the both of them and tried to read the book myself!

Every time I turned a page, Mama and Daddy raced to see who could read it first. It was obnoxious! I think Daddy read more of it than Mama. I wish no one had read it! I'm just a little boy wanting to enjoy a relaxing story before bed. Let a kid be!

I have to go! I think Mama is going to check on me again!

Hugs and kisses,
Little J

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